Rescuing Orphaned and Abandoned Children
Tanzania, Africa
to see the two newest Rescued Children - March 25, 2017
Samaritan Village Orphanage

    Samaritan Village is a private, non-profit organization established and run by volunteers to develop, expand and maintain a Christian orphanage to care for abandoned and orphaned children in Arusha, Tanzania Africa.

Government Closes Orphanages:  

16 Children brought to Samaritan Village

  1. -Ten young girls have been brought to Samaritan Village after they had run away from abuse in their Maasai Tribe. They were taken from another orphanage by the government.

  2. -Four babies (2 girls and 2 boys) were taken from a nearby orphanage and brought to Samaritan Village .

  3. -A young girl and boy were also brought to Samaritan Village from an orphanage closed by officials.