Rescuing Orphaned and Abandoned Children
Tanzania, Africa
to see the Maasai Girls that are now at Samaritan Village
Samaritan Village Orphanage

New Children Arrive

Two baby girls were found abandoned at the Migungani slums area out of Arusha city. The Arusha Municipality Social Welfare officers brought the babies to the orphanage.  They were brought in around 11:45 am. The babies look like identical twins but one is disabled. They are both very thin and suffering from malnutrition. Police continue to look for their relatives. Josephat named them Leah and Rachel. They both need serious treatment. (Update: Leah was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Please be in prayer for her)

Ten Maasai Girls are now officially part of Samaritan Village!

     A year ago in March ten girls from the Maasai Tribe were taken from a local  orphanage and brought to Samaritan Village. The owners of the orphanage were arrested and sentenced to as much as life in prison. The court has allowed the girls to remain with us as long as we can provide for them.

     Please consider helping us by sponsoring one of these innocent little girls.

Construction is almost complete on the New Parking Lot

     It may not seem like a parking lot is that important but this parking lot provides more than a place to park cars. It provides safety and security for the orphanage by  moving those visiting the orphanage outside the walls of the complex. This is especially important as we get close to opening the new medical clinic.  

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