The Children

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These are the stories of the children who are growing up at Samaritan Village Orphanage in Arusha Tanzania, Africa. Many of these children still need sponsors. They still need that family from “someplace in the world” that loves them and will make them a part of their family. Could you be that person? Could your family be their family? Ask yourself this as you read the stories of the children of Samaritan Village, then click the SPONSOR BUTTON if you would like to sponsor a child through our Secure Donation Page. You may also sponsor through Paypal or by mail on the Donation Page.  Sponsorships are $20/$30/$60/$95 per month. Education Sponsorships are $35 per month.

IMPORTANT: After you have chosen a child to sponsor and you have registered your sponsorship through the secure donation page, you may come back to the Donation Page to set up automatic monthly sponsorship donations.

NOTE: The children are listed in order of age.

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